Relaxing time and good food in Cloudcroft

Heading out of town for Karol’s 60th, took Llama and the gang to Cloudcroft, NM.

As they got closer, the temperature dropped, view got greener, the air got thinner (Cloudcroft is above 8000 ft), and things slowed down.

First order of business was to check into the Cloudcroft Hostel. Llama’s first time at a hostel and he wanted a new experience. Great place and he really recommends. The private room was budget friendly and Karol charged back the cost using Capital One Venture points.

We had Private Room #2. $45 a night.
Common area with kitchen, living room, and baths down the hall.

Next order of business was grub. Stephanie, our host at the hostel, recommended Lepree’s Global Comfort Food.

The owner-chef moved here from Denver 3 years ago. He sources as much as he can locally and aims to serve fresh unusual dishes. Something different from burgers and pizza.

Fresh deli, which the Chef said is used heavily by the locals.
We only at half our sandwiches
Yummy Turkey Bacon Avocado
Tandoori Chicken and Avocado

Of course we had to have some dessert and Cloudcroft has its share of bakeries. Most close early, but we found a piece of apple pie to share.

“Downtown” of the Village of Cloudcroft

After dinner, the evening finished up with a short hike and sunset views.

Colors are due to smoke from the fires further west.

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