Relaxing time and good food in Cloudcroft

Heading out of town for Karol’s 60th, took Llama and the gang to Cloudcroft, NM. As they got closer, the temperature dropped, view got greener, the air got thinner (Cloudcroft is above 8000 ft), and things slowed down. First order of business was to check into the Cloudcroft Hostel. Llama’s first time at a hostel…… Continue reading Relaxing time and good food in Cloudcroft

Llama went batty

Well, not really but Llama did go where there is a large bat colony. Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Llama’s travel companion, Karol, had her 59th birthday on September 11th. All she really wanted to do was get out of town and go hike Carlsbad Caverns. She and Llama could go there every day and that…… Continue reading Llama went batty