State Parks, Mexico border town, and Dinner with Friends

Llama had another great getaway this week with Baby Yoda and his other travel partners. He was supposed to be on a cruise, but one of the friends he was to cruise with had a medical issue and couldn’t go. Next Year!

Since Michael had to make a trip to the Mexican town of Nuevo Progreso to purchase some RX, Llama shifted his plans and went with him. ROADTRIP!

Abandoned courthouse on drive down

They headed down to Seminole Canyon State Park, then stayed the night in Del Rio, Texas.

Whispering Palms Motel

The owner of the hotel gave them a tip for dinner of a local place that used to be a food truck and was now a restaurant. It was delicious.

From there, they drove to Harlingen, Texas and spent two days going across the border to pick up medications, shopping, hiking, bird watching, and having dinner with friends.

Manicures and margaritas in Mexico

Finally, they headed home via San Antonio, staying over night, and meeting up with friends for dinner. Not a cruise with girlfriends but hey, still a lot of fun. The weather was great and Llama had a blast.

Here is a run down of the costs for the 5 days/4 nights.

Food: $182

Fuel: $148

Souvenirs including mani-pedis: $115

Total out of pocket: $445

$89 per day or $44.5 per day per person

The majority of this, except about $20, was put on a points earning credit card to earn future travel. Including the fuel which was put on our Southwest card which is currently earning 10x Southwest miles per dollar spent at gas stations.

Hotels were covered by points. Cash price for each is in parenthesis but would have been $531.83.

Whispering Palms, Del Rio -1 night – 8750 Chase UR ($109.25)

Holiday Inn Express, Harlingen – 2 nights – 18308 Chase UR ($228.26)

Hyatt Place San Antonio Stone Oak – 1 night – 5000 Hyatt points ($194.32)

Llama and friends don’t need fancy hotels as they don’t stay in them for much more than sleeping, so clean with comfy beds are good enough. A bonus was they each provided a basic breakfast to start the day. Double bonus is Llama got to meet the owner’s cute dog, Zoe, at the Whispering Palms!

Stay safe and happy traveling to all.

Del Rio, Texas

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