Southern Colorado Road trip on Points & Miles

Every so often Llama sees someone ask if there are folks who are in the points and miles hobby but don’t go after “aspirational destinations.” He thought he would give a run down of the road trip we just returned from and how this hobby helped.

To us, all travel is aspirational and this Southern Colorado trip lived up to that.

Disclaimer: we earn points from organic spending/SUBS and sometimes the “math” may not be the best but it is the trip we want. Also, our income/budget necessitates this hobby to travel so we limit cash outlays over points usage, even if the math isn’t the best. We are not resort people.

Llama is just green belts in the points and miles hobby, so not always the perfect card or redemption, but the hobby takes us so many amazing places.

Llama wishes everyone in the points and miles hobby achieves their travel goals and finds it rewarding.

Wow, Llama and friends had a spectacular 6.5 day road trip to southern Colorado. It was a great mental break and break from the Texas heat, average temperature was 75 degrees.

RGV, the Subaru Crosstrek, also got its first real road test and performed superbly. RGV did enjoy being in the land of its kind, Colorado. 😂

Total out of pocket cost of the trip was $971.

Cost per day: $150

Cost per human per day: $75

*Costs are rounded and Llama and Baby Yoda are basically free.

Dining: $232

Fuel: $290

Lodging: $259

Souvenirs: $190

One AirBnB and the hotel in Durango were paid for on Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and the only paid activity, the Durango Train, was covered on Capital One points.

Airbnb: Noche de Paz, Rowe, NM 1 night $124.69 = 9975 UR with 25% bonus

Econolodge Durango 2 nights $260.82 = 20,865

Llama chose the Wanderlust Hostel in Gunnison for 2 nights at $157.38 and the Raton Motor Inn for 1 night at $102.16 for the two paid lodgings. Wonderful low cost options that yielded way more than comfy beds in the people we met. We booked these through with 4% back on RebatesMe and used a CSR which earned points for future travel.

We enjoyed wonderful food and went a little wild on the souvenirs this time. 😎 These were paid for on either CSR or CFFlex.

Llama did raid the pantry and refrigerator before leaving home, so some meals and snacks were eaten out of the car. But that proved very helpful in the parks and on the road.

All the other activities were free or covered with Llama’s National Parks Pass. Llama can not recommend the National Parks Pass enough. If you are going to visit more than 3 fee based parks in a year, the pass pays for itself. Plus you get to drive on in, less time waiting to pay your fee. You might even find yourself visiting more of your parks!🏜 []

The part Llama was worried about was the cost of gas. He knows many people adjusted their summer plans due to the squeeze of budgets. Llama also knows he is blessed to be able to adjust his budget and keep his plans. Thanks to RGV being very fuel efficient even though it isn’t a hybrid and averaging 35 miles to the gallon, fuel wasn’t as bad as expected. The average fuel price was $4.83 a gallon. Llama used a CFFlex which will get him 5% back on fuel purchases, so more URs coming his way.

Would Llama do this trip again? In a heartbeat!!!

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