Albuquerque for 12 hours – Solo Travel

Llama’s traveling companion, Karol, has been coming to Albuquerque for 37ish years. She is married to a man who grew up here and there are still family in the area. So, consequently and to nobody’s fault, Karol has never really had a “Karol Day” in Albuquerque.

Another traveling companion, Michael, was coming to the ABQ for a photography conference (he is way better than Llama. Check him out at Llama, Baby Yoda, and Karol shouted “ROADTRIP” and hopped in the car with him. While Michael was in the conference, they all had fun exploring a few of the things Albuquerque had to offer.

This old dairy sign is, unfortunately, in a part of town that is struggling with poverty and homelessness. You can see a park behind it that has become a tent city.

Llama, Baby Yoda, and Karol had a great morning exploring the Piedras Marcadas Canyon of the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque. This trail is short, only 1.5 miles, but takes a good hour or more. There are hundreds of stunning petroglyphs along the trail. The weather was perfect, about 40 degrees by the time they started the trail. Surprisingly for the great weather, there were only a few other people on the trail. They practically had it to themselves.

Bonus, Llama got another national parks stamp in his passport.

Isn’t Llama cute? Now if he would learn to smile for the selfie.

After the hike and a quick stop to get much needed petrol, Llama visited the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Karol had been there years ago but Llama never had. This is a beautiful and well done museum highlighting the Pueblo Culture. On Saturdays, different performing dance groups come to showcase their culture. The Zuni Dance group was performing today. The group performed four social dances: Eagle Dance, Dance of the Pot of Oil Beans (yes those pots are balanced on their heads), Dance of the Deer, (learned the Deer Clan is highest of the clans), and White Buffalo Dance. Stunning. We learned that the Dance of the Pot of Oil Beans is a dying art. Only about 15 dancers remain currently performing this dance. Additionally, the dancer either makes her own pot or is intimately involved in the crafting of the pot.

Part of Llama’s agenda for visiting Albuquerque this time, was driving more of Route 66 and eating at the iconic Dog House. This little drive up, where you get your food from a very hard working carhop, was PACKED even at 2 pm. Llama and Baby Yoda split a half foot dog with chili and onions, with some tots of course. Yummy.

After lunch, part of Llama’s afternoon in ABQ was spent cruising the section of Route 66 that cuts through the city. Now known as Central Avenue, many old motel and restaurant signs still exist. Albuquerque, like other places, is starting to embrace the 66 Renaissance.

Llama was even able to score a stamp in his Route 66 Passport at the Enchanted Trails RV Park. This fun retro park has fully embraced its past and has vintage touches throughout.

Llama’s (and Karol’s) Day in Albuquerque was perfect. It is good to travel solo sometimes, even if it is for part of your trip. Do you like to solo travel?

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