Pahrump, NV in 3 meals

Llama often likes to stay in AirBnBs or hotels with mini-kitchens so that he can fix some of this own meals and snacks. Eating every meal out can get both unhealthy and expensive fast. With that being said, Llama and company do love to sample local restaurants when they travel. Local and quirky are usually top of the criteria.

In his end of the 2021 year road trip to Death Valley, Llama’s housing of choice in Pahrump, Nevada was an RV booked through AirBnB. This choice allowed for the ability to eat his own healthy breakfast and keep lunch options ready for the day’s hike.

It also allowed the group to have a simple but excellent dinner the first night.

After 2 days of traveling with a half day of hiking in Death Valley already under their belt, the group just wanted to relax and eat something simple at the RV. A quick stop at Walmart yielded the yummy menu.

Down at sea level in Death Valley.
Dante’s View in Death Valley

An Asian salad kit mixed with deli roasted chicken, a roll, and some chips and salsa paired nicely with this smooth red blend wine which was a Christmas gift from family. This meal was PERFECT and allowed Llama and friends to relax.

Day 2 of hiking at Death Valley left the team HUNGRY!

Up the narrows of Golden Canyon

On the drive back from the national park and once they had cell service, Llama started to look for dinner options. Michael suggested Italian. Checking both Yelp and Google, there was an Italian option that popped up that really looked good but was a bit fancier than they wanted.

It was in this search Llama noticed a Mexican and Salvadoran restaurant that looked very promising. The group opted for that: La Fonda. (Bonus, it was right down the street from the RV.)

Llama and friends long ago learned to never judge a book by its cover.

Driving up to La Fonda one would never expect it to be much by the lack of signage and dark parking lot. There was one dead giveaway to great potential – a packed parking lot. It was Taco Tuesday, and as one regular told us “it is worth the wait.”

As Michael’s Uncle Charlie always said about the lack of signage for his bar, “If you don’t know your way here, you’re not supposed to be here.”

The menu was a mix of Mexican and Salvadoran dishes. Michael ordered Carnitas that were very yummy. Sadly no avocados due to supply issues. That’s okay.

Karol and Llama tried the Albondigas or “meatball soup”. This was a warm and flavorful choice.

The large bowl was filled to the brim with meatballs, zucchini, carrots, onion, potatoes, and flavorful broth.

Having never had this before, Karol’s taste buds were sparking. We will definitely have to find somewhere closer to home to enjoy this dish.

On the added bonus side, the other restaurant patrons made for great people watching. This included a table of the “older generation” with one woman sporting the most magnificent squash blossom necklace and her pink haired ancient mother. Across from them was the complete opposite, a table of 20-somethings complete with tattoos, shorts and flip-flops (even though it was 29 degrees outside). Both tables were having a blast and were fun to watch.

Day 3 and our final day in the area sent Llama on the hunt for a dinner out again. The group had been good about eating breakfast in the RV and lunches from the cooler in the car.

Cold and snowy at Rhyolite Ghost Town means lunch in the car.

While scanning Yelp the previous night for suggestions, Llama had seen an interesting option. Michael had said he wanted Italian and the Pour House had popped up for pizza. It also listed Indian food and a bowling alley. WHAT!?! This checks all the boxes for Llama’s group. They had to check it out

Upon arrival, the group saw this place was amazing. This is really an Indian restaurant inside a bar/casino (what place is not a casino in Nevada?), with a pizza/burger place and mini-bowling alley attached.

The smells in this place are amazing! What to order?

When placing their order, the group was informed the restaurant had already sold out of all tandoori and Samosas. Dang….

Well, good thing we had runner up options. Michael and Karol split hummus and garlic naan (not pictured) while waiting on their main course. They probably could have just had that and been happy. So flavorful. The texture of the hummus was perfect.

For the main course they split an order of Shrimp Do-Pieza. The shrimp were tender, the peppers and onions shown through, and the spices were flavorful with just a touch of heat at the end. So good.

Llama and party were lucky to get this wonderful dinner. By the time they had finished, the restaurant had sold out of everything and closed the Indian kitchen! Much to the disappointment of several families who came in.

After we ate, we had to check out the mini-bowling alley. But, being a bit of a party pooper, Michael didn’t want to play.

Pahrump has some great local restaurants. We felt honored to sample just a couple of them. I’m sure some of you reading this would turn up your nose at these non-“Michelen 5-star” places, but boy would you be missing out. Give us quirky, fantastic local favorites any day of the week.

It will be 2022 soon and Llama wishes health, happiness, and safe travels to all.

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