Lubbock to Vicksburg

Llama, with his new friend Baby Yoda, is excited to he heading out on a week-long road trip.

Outside of the need for a significant vacation away, is the wedding of Lauren and Henry in Destin, Florida. Llama decided to make it a week-long trip.

Day one was really just leaving Lubbock and getting Ft. Worth for the night. This is well worn territory for Llama, so there was no real plan for stops. They did eschew I-20 for State Highway 114. This affords really nice caprock views instead of car bumpers.

About four hours into the drive, passing through the small town of Megargel – which we had never noticed before – Llama’s eye caught a glimpse of an older church building

St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church was established by Czech settlers at the turn of the 20th century. The lingering storm clouds made for a great shot.

After a nice, quiet night at The Olive Hotel south of Ft. Worth, we packed up for a day drive to our next stop, Vicksburg, Mississippi. The drive is only 5.5 hours but Llama knew it would take about 8 with backroads and stops. But that is really what a roadtrip is all about.

Staying off I20 where all you see is a lot of traffic, Llama and friends took state highway 80.

Randomly Karol Googled Terrell, Texas, one of the suburbs of Dallas. Up popped a bit of WWII she didn’t know about.

Terrell is home to the No. 1 British Flyman Training School during WWII.

Great little museum and glad we stopped.

We stayed on the lesser state highway all across Texas.

Though we were trying to hold out to Louisiana to eat a late lunch, we just couldn’t. Yelp told Llama there was a hole in the wall BBQ and Catfish place just this side of the state line, Jim’s.

The catfish and blackberry cobbler were winners but the real star of the show wasthe green tomato pickles. They we sweet and a little vinegar tang at the end. Not at all what was expected. Yummy lunch.

Llama didn’t stop much in Louisiana except to check out the University of Louisiana Monroe. Llama’s “brother” Kent went to ULL, so Monroe is a rival. We had a nice walk around the pretty little campus. It was move out and graduation weekend, so carts were being pushed and pictures taken. ULM does have a nice bayou that runs through it though.

The only other stop we made was just to the north in Black Bayou National Wildlife Area. We got out and walked around. Llama didn’t realize how much he had been missing his Louisiana green. The pandemic had stopped his annual visit. And he was glad he took a stroll on the bayou.

Back in the car with a couple hour drive to Vicksburg finished up the first full day of the road trip. Llama started to relax and all felt good to be back on the road again.

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