Vicksburg – just a touch

On the Lubbock to Destin road trip, Llama made a 18-hour stop in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Llama’s travel companions had been there 40 years ago and decided it was time to stop again. The previous visit was on a trip back from Virginia and was a cold, rainy Thanksgiving that necessitate the car camping they were…… Continue reading Vicksburg – just a touch

Lubbock to Vicksburg

Llama, with his new friend Baby Yoda, is excited to he heading out on a week-long road trip. Outside of the need for a significant vacation away, is the wedding of Lauren and Henry in Destin, Florida. Llama decided to make it a week-long trip. Day one was really just leaving Lubbock and getting Ft.…… Continue reading Lubbock to Vicksburg