Llamas who wander…..

THIS past week in one of  Karol’s online women’s travel/hiking/outdoor groups, a member posed a question, “What is one your favorite travel inspiration quotes?” Llama’s companion, all-time favorite is one from the 14th century traveler, Ibn Battuta.

Beautiful travel quotes to inspire you to see the world | eJOY ENGLISH

It is hard to write anything more profound after that, right?

One of the other women quoted J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Riddle of the Strider, “All who wander are not lost.” Llama’s companion even has a t-shirt with this quote on it. Llama agrees that is a good one. Wandering and enjoying whatever you find, makes one found, not lost.

The novel coronavirus, COVID19, continues to take a toll on everyone, including Llama. Shutting us off from others, limiting our movements, restricting our wandering. But we can’t become lost.

With the 3-day Labor Day Weekend here, Llama really needed to get away from the daily routine and the “sameness” of the day after day of coronavirus living. Wanting to continue to follow safety guidelines but to begin to enjoy the slightly cooler temps, Llama wanted to be outside doing a little hiking.

Have my hiking gear ready

The Texas State Parks are open and several are within a tank of gas from Llama’s home. He chose Caprock Canyons State Park. Many of the parks require you to book entrance ahead of time. With so many people wanting a way to get out but be safe, many have headed to the parks. To keep from overcrowding, you have to get reservations in advance. Michael, one of Llama’s travel companions, buys a state parks pass every year.  This pass more than pays for itself. Llama got online several weeks ago and grabbed a day at Caprock.

Caprock Canyons SP is home to the Texas State Bison herd. You see the herd roaming all over the park. This is their home. There are many viral videos, including a recent one of a woman getting tossed out of her jeans, of bisons charging humans getting too close to them. If you check back to one of Llama’s first posts, you will learn an important lesson — BISON ARE DANGEROUS.

Llama and companions always, always give bison their space.

The young people in this car had never seen bison. At first, they were out of the car but as the bison started crossing the road toward their car, Kent hollered at them to jump in their car. Those kids moved fast. Smart kids.

Llama has been to Caprock several times but has never done the Eagle Point Trail.

Eagle Point Trail is a 1.76 miles 1-way, point-to-point trail. The trail is graded and rated moderate. It tested Llama’s calves as it was pretty up and down for most of the way. The trail was worth it as the views were stunning.

Texas Parks are constantly working on restoration throughout the parks.
Be a Scientist

After our hike, Llama found a picnic shelter by the lake and we all relaxed and enjoyed our lunch.

On the drive home, Kent spotted an old Air Force plane at the Hale County Airport.

This plane marks the entrance to the airport and the Texas National Guard building in Hale County.

Llama and all refreshed their souls and hearts.

Take only memories, leave only footprints.

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