First outing since February

Llama is still wrapping his head around the whole COVID19 thing but, of course, is willing to be safe and healthy to keep traveling. After 6 months at home, he finally donned his mask and headed out.

Mask on for everyone’s safety
Drive carefully Llama

Llama and his traveling companions decided to head to the coast for a few days. After not leaving home since February, Llama was all in.

Leaving home mid-day, the first stop was San Antonio. What Llama found was a ghost town.

Karol, Llama’s traveling companion, grew up in San Antonio. She kept remarking that she had never seen downtown SA so empty.

El Mercado was deserted. Arriving for dinner, Llama found shops closed and only one restaurant open, the legendary Mi Terra.

Normally the Historic Market Square, El Mercado Plaza, would be crammed with tourists.
Shops are only open limited hours to the few tourists who happen to come.
Offrenda at Mi Terra. Llama had never noticed this before because there are usually too many people here.
Karol has been working on her Spanish and learned how to order her margarita frozen – congelado! Sin sal of course.
Pork and beef tips with homemade corn tortillas. The pork were by far our favorite.
Happy smiles under those masks after yummy drinks and dinner.

From El Mercado, Llama and friends wandered downtown San Antonio along the Riverwalk to the Alamo. It was a hot, sticky evening but still nice to be out. With no one around, it was easy to notice plaques, markers, and street art that are normally covered up with crowds of people.

The Founder’s
Love Lock Bridge over the San Antonio Riverwalk
Llama’s new motto
A lone couple walks ahead of us on the Riverwalk. The lack of tours also meant that the downtown area was incredibly clean.
Boat tour of the Riverwalk area
Remember……..The Alamo. 😄 Temporarily closed to visitors.
Most weekend evenings there is a light show on this cathedral.

Basically Llama and companions walked around for a couple of hours and took pictures of the architecture. It was nice to be out. Llama et. al. had their masks and would put them on when they got anywhere close to people. Many people were wearing them all the time, regardless.

After the drive to SA, great meal, and 10,000+ steps of walking, Llama was happy to relax for the evening.

Very few people at the hotel and Karol wiped down all the high touch surfaces just to be sure.

Great start to a little get away. Kinda weird but great. Off to the next locale tomorrow.