Springfield is pretty cool

Llama and Karol had the pleasure of spending 3 days in Springfield, Missouri. Having never been there before, they didn’t really now what to expect. Llama knew Route 66 went through the city but not much else. Exploring and enjoying Springfield yeilded some fun times.

Downtown, central Springfield is rather small and very walkable, really just about a couple square miles and flat. This makes enjoying the downtown easy to access and enjoy.

Utilizing typical traveling safety measures (Llama’s no fool) Llama and Karol felt very safe and comfortable exploring downtown.

Public Art

Springfield has invested in public art. As they wandered around the the central area Llama and Karol ran across a variety of sculptures and murals dotting the streets. Llama thinks there are something like 50 pieces of art around. Most of the pieces are labeled and there is a QR code that links you to a sight listing them all. Not all were Llama’s taste, but there was something for everyone and was fun just randomly finding some.

Ball Parks and Public Parks

Llama also hadn’t realized that Springfield is home to a minor league baseball team, the Springfield Cardinals. Baseball season hasn’t started yet, so Llama and Karol had to satisfy themselves with looking at the stadium. It is a very pretty stadium. They will have to take in a game if they are ever in the area. Minor league games are so much fun.

Next to the Hammon’s Field is a public park, K-Park.

The park has walking paths, public art, children’s play areas, and a replica of the Springfield Wagon, a driving force in the economy of the area in the first part of the 20th century.

Evening Food and Fun

Though Llama didn’t dine there, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity of sitting at the counter to have a soda at the original Steak ‘n Shake on Route 66.

On the last night in Springfield, Llama joined his fellow conference attendees for an evening of strolling downtown Springfield. Since it was a Friday night, bars, night clubs, and restaurants were all in full swing. The weather turned very mild and it was very pleasant to be out.

Llama is really glad Jenna, Cassandra, and Stephen found Pappo’s Pizza on Walnut. Not quite a dive but very local, this place was great, serving up fresh flatbread pizza and cold brews.

So many options. Karol got a cider of course.
Margarita Balsamic on the right and Four Cheese on the left
Llama’s walking so no DD required but Llama ALWAYS drinks responsibly
Mother’s Brewing is a local Springfield brewery.
Friends are the best when they embrace your weirdness.
Llama approved fun!

Pappo’s Pizza also had live music. These guys were really good. They played original as well as cover music. Shout out to Joe Dillstrom and friend. If you ever get a chance, check ’em out.

After dinner the group needed a little sweet treat, so Llama took the group to Queen Soda and Candy on the Square.

Be careful Llama. Lemon Drops will make you go 😜.

After a quick trip back to the restaurant cuz Karol forgot her credit card there (dummy), Cassandra took the group to what she thought was a gallery but was really a tattoo shop that also showed the art of their artists and others. Very interesting. If Llama had had an extra $500 laying around, a space themed piece may have come home with him.

Cool glasses dude!

The rest of the evening was spent wandering downtown. The area was all lit up and vibrant with folks enjoying the evening. Downtown Springfield has lots of restaurants, live music venues, and bars. Llama concluded it was be easy to spend an enjoyable couple of days here exploring it all.

The conference is over now and Llama has headed home. He is glad to sample Springfield and is looking forward returning.

Thanks American Airlines for the lift!

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