An Inside Joke

Do you have a funny phrase you share with a travel partner or friends?

What are those inside jokes that you giggle about that nobody else gets but are so much fun?

Llama’s travel companions had several that always made him feel left out like:

“At Eagle Creek?” or “Water meter.” or “I stepped in the *#%$*# gum.”

Finally on Llama’s very first trip out of town in 2014, he finally had an inside joke to share. It’s kinda like being in an exclusive club. Llama loves his little joke and is surprised on how often it comes up.

“Bison are DANGEROUS

Well that’s not the exact quote from the sign post at the entrance to Utah’s Antelope Island SP but close enough. Llama thinks the rangers are just trying to be polite to the silly tourists.

As Llama and his traveling companions drove up to the entrance they burst out in laughter. This sign is one of those “duh” moments that always cracks us up. Kinda like “Falling from cliff face may cause injury” signs.🤦‍♀️ You would think humans would know these things, but Llama guesses they aren’t as evolved as he thought.

Antelope Island is home to a large herd of bison and they can be observed all over the park. If you have never been up close and personal with bison, they are large, VERY LARGE.

Bison walking past our car at Caprock Canyon SP in Texas.

Bison are also very territorial. So encroaching on their space can be very dangerous. The ranger at Antelope Island told us that they have injuries all the time from people trying to get up close and personal photos with the bison. Visitors will send their kids out stand with the bison or to sit in a bison wallow and oops! Angry bison.

Michael found this out while trying to get a photo of a bison in his wallow at Antelope Island. We were standing in one of the viewing blinds not far from a large male rolling in his wallow. Evidently they are used to humans being there and are cool with that. But when Michael stepped just outside the circle on the ground, literally just a step out, the male jumped up and charged toward him. It was like an invisible security alarm had gone off. Michael jumped back and apologized as the male snorted and pawed the ground.

After Michael took one step out, Llama is not taking the chance of leaving the enclosure. You can see the male starting to back off once Michael got back in the enclosure.

Now any sign or warning about bison or buffalo always makes Llama and friends laugh and usually state outloud “Bison are dangerous.” You would be surprised how often this warning is posted, stated in documentaries, listed as a fact about the animal. Llama guesses the warning has to be repeated A LOT for humans.

Bison crossing the road at Antelope Island. We let him.
Bison herd surrounding our car as they sauntered up the road at Caprock Canyons SP
This male stood in front of our car like a crossing guard. Bison, by the way, take their time. We let them, finally driving on 15 minutes later.
Llama and his friend, Aurora, posing with the Bison sculpture at Caprock Canyons. Sorry guys, not quite as intimidating as the bison.
Kent – look out behind you! jk, Just trying on a bison hat in the gift shop at Caprock Canyons.

Llama has his inside joke to share now and is so happy. Let him know in the comments what is one of your inside joke phrases. You don’t even need to explain it.

To find out more about Antelope Island State Park visit

To find out more about Caprock Canyons State Park visit

To find out the difference between bison and buffalo:

And a big shout out to Michael & Kent, Allen & Karen, JoAnne & Doug, and Cindy for being a part of and understanding the inside jokes that started this post. 😉

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