“And the wind goes sweeping down the plain”

It is the beginning of a new year, 2020 to be exact, and Llama was going to join his companions on the annual #FirstDayHike instead of hanging around the house watching football.

Llama and the gang packed up the backpacks and snacks and jumped in the Jeep to head across the Staked Plains to the Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge

Heading out 114 from Lubbock

It took about 10 minutes to realize Mother Nature had other plans. Though the temperature was a perfect 65 degrees, the wind decided it needed to BLOW! West Texas wind at its finest, 25 – 30 mph. Though Llama knows that if you live, visit, hike, in West Texas, you can’t let a little wind stop you, today’s wind with its even stronger gusts was going to alter plans.

Taking it in stride, Llama drove on and decided to just enjoy the day and his companions. As always, Llama decided to see what there was to see, always the best option. When traveling, you never know for sure what the weather could do, so you just have to roll with it.

Between Lubbock and Levelland cranking pumpjacks littered the landscape, part of the Permian Basin oil resurrance. Harvested cotton and corn fields were waiting to be plowed under and prepped for spring planting. Half forgotten towns looked even more ghostly as it was New Years and the few businesses were closed and no one was out and about.

Farmers have to work the fields regardless of holidays and weather.
Abandoned church in a dying town

Llama and crew finally made it to the Refuge. We were the first ones to sign in that day. Probably the only ones. Llama spent a nice, though windy, day checking out Muleshoe Wildlife Refuge, the oldest of the refuges establised in Texas to protect migratory birds and other animals of the plains.

Saline and freshwater lakes dot the Refuge.

Moral of the story, don’t let a little wind blow your day. 🌬 Adapt and find the fun to be had.

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