When llamas get wet they smell like Fritos.

When that statement was made at a table during a work conference you could have heard a pin drop! From that moment on my friend knew she needed a llama. Well not really but all her friends knew she had to have one. One month later I appeared on her doorstep (thanks Cindy).

That was 2012 and we have been traveling together ever since.

So why a blog?

Well during our latest trip to the Big Bend area in Texas, we stopped at Marfa Wine Co. In a discussion, the owner asked me what my blog was called…..I said “no blog, just Instagram and Facebook.” He looked at me like I was ancient. Heck, I’m only 7. Guess I should get with it. So here goes.

Travels with Llama.

The blog.

BTW: you can find Llama on Facebook at “Travels with Llama” and on Instagram by searching #travelswithllama or #llamago for older posts. There are a few posts on Twitter too.

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