Open up your view


Llama started thinking about people’s viewpoints on travel during his latest trip and it occurred to Llama that your view from a car window is kinda like that.

Llama always likes to be up front with a full view, facing forward. So what if others have to look at fuzzy butt. Llama likes to take it all in. That so defines his outlook on travel. Llama is open to new things, likes to see it all, wants to be on the lookout for interesting things along the road.

Llama is lucky that his travel companions are pretty much the same way. Llama thinks this is one of the best viewpoints to have because how else would you catch a javelina casually crossing the road during the fog, a herd of sandhill goats, their longsand colored beards blowing in the wind, out for a stroll with their babies, a hipster playing his guitar on a hill of ancient volcanic ash in the middle of Big Bend National Park, the teeny Target that probably doesn’t have Cartwheel, or the dude with best hat ever in the local Marfa bar.

🤔 What’s your viewpoint?

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